Will you be switching on your Christmas lights this year?

The cost-of-living crisis and Christmas make for rather unwelcome bedfellows.

Summoning festive cheer is hard when tightening your belt, with the financial meltdown heralding a stressful season ahead for many of us.

Looking to save money wherever we can, we pose the dreaded question we never thought we’d ask: will you be switching on your Christmas lights this year?

It’s actually a real dilemma.

On the one hand we want to be having fun, throwing caution to the wind, and showing the world we won’t be beaten down.

‘Get the lights shining brightly, our spirits will not be dimmed’ we may say.

But on the other hand, not having any festive lights will definitely go some way to keeping those energy bills down.

Regulator Ofgem has already said customers ‘face a very challenging winter ahead’.

And this is on top of households already dealing with soaring inflation and the very real prospect of a recession.

The choice isn’t an easy one.